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Bean to Bar Equipment

Chocolate produced by bean to bar chocolate makers is incomparable. The flavor is unique to the beans and the process used. It tells a story... Where did your cacao beans come from, how did you roast your beans, what particle size did you select for your intended mouthfeel, how did you conche your chocolate to remove unwanted acids, what flavors did you intentionally keep, what kind of aromos can be achieved with various bean origins, and on and on. WHAT IS YOUR STORY?

Making batches of chocolate with consistency and in volume requires skill and chocolate making equipment, often referred to as bean to bar equipment, and it takes time and patience to learn the craft. From selecting your cacao beans to working with your ingredients and determining your manufacturing processes, artisan chocolate makers must work in steps to create their uniquely crafted chocolate profiles, then temper and mould into bars or use for making confections. Equipment can be scaled from 300 kg a week up to 5000 kg utilizing various technologies for every step of the bean to bar process. TCF Sales is please to offer the complete FBM line of bean to bar chocolate making equipment. These machines are modular, scalable and they optimize the process. Customers are welcome to visit us to view the equipment and participate in a bean to bar training course. Click her to learn more about the rapidly growing bean to bar chocolate movement in the U.S.  

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