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Guitar Cutter Frames

Confectionery guitar cutter frames are provided by TCF Sales at the lowest possible prices and in the largest selection nationwide.

Find frames for confectionery guitar cutter bases with 7.5 mm spacing, 5 mm spacing, 7 mm spacing and other custom sizes. Guitar frames must align with your guitar cutter base spacing. In other words, your guitar cutter frame(s) must be divisible by your guitar base increments. For instance, a 7.5 mm guitar cutter base can accommodate the following frame sizes: 15 mm guitar frame, 22.5 guitar frame, 30 mm guitar frame, 37.5 mm guitar frame, etc. (all divisible by 7.5). If you have a guitar cutter with 5 mm spacing, order the following: 5 mm guitar frame, 10 mm guitar frame, 15 mm guitar frame, 20 mm guitar frame, 25 mm guitar frame, 30 mm guitar frame, and so on. If you have a 7 mm division guitar cutter, order a 7 mm guitar frame, 14 mm guitar frame, 21 mm guitar frame, 28 mm guitar frame, or a 35 mm guitar frame. Contact us at TCF Sales regarding any questions. Guaranteed lowest price!


 Confectionery Guitar Cutter Frame - 7.5 mm

Confectionery Guitar Cutter Frame with 7.5 mm spacing.

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