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Guitar Cutter Parts and Accessories

TCF Sales provides guitar cutter spare parts and accessories that include frames for guitar cutters, frames for laying up ganache and other soft food products, frame dividers, frame sleeking rulers, guitar carts, and more.


Ganache layup frame made of aluminum, 19 mm H

This divider is used with the aluminum construction ganache frames for smaller batches.

All-in-one Ganache Frame Set that accommodates the MINI guitar cutter. Lay up nougat, ganache, and other confections in multiple heights, in one convenient storage system.

See 'NEW' video.

Stackable Ganache Frame Set of 8 frames for laying up nougat, ganache, and other confections in multiple heights, in a convenient storage system.

Heavy duty European confectionery ganache frame made of stainless steel, for laying up ganache, gummy or other ingredients. Various heights.

Nice quality ganache lay up tray made of all stainless steel. Accommodates standard confectionery guitar cutters for efficiency. Select from 3 different heights.

Heavy duty mini ganache lay up tray liner for mini ganache trays.

Heavy duty tray liner is food safe and reusable; made for Dedy trays with a bottom.

Nice quality ganache tray in mini size, to fit the Dedy Mini Guitar Cutter.

Confectionery ganache lay up tray with free liner.

Useful kitchen pan. Made to accommodate the Dedy standard sized guitar cutter but helpful to layup or pick up and move most any food.

Stainless steel Mini Guitar Cutter Pick Up Tray, also called a pick-up pan is used to pick up or deposit your confectionery products on a guitar cutter or other surface as desired.

Tools and spare parts kit for your Dedy guitar cutter and frames. See 2nd photo and our description of the tools and spare parts included.

Specialized trolley cart to place guitar cutter on top and slide frames conveniently below when not in use. Two locking wheels.

High quality guitar trolley cart made specifically for the Dedy confectionery guitar cutter.

Individual bolt with nut; hardware for Dedy Guitar Cutter Frames.

Silpat® entremet flexible silicone pan for baking or to layup product such as ganache or desserts for easy transfer to a guitar cutter.

Wire for your Dedy Confectionery Guitar Cutter. Available in 3 sizes.

Ganache layup frame made of aluminum, 19 mm H

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