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Silicone Universal Molds

Flexible and durable Universal silicone molds produce precisely shaped candy, ideal for chocolate, ganache, praline, caramel, hard candy, and gummy. Select from in stock designs or order a custom mold unique to your business and application. Also applicable for other uses such soap and candle making.

Truffly Made food grade Universal molds withstand low and high temperatures, are non-toxic, and are easy to use. To use: Allow your candy to firm up or harden and gently push out to easily release, or press ganache firmly into moulds, cover with a silicone mat or plastic wrap to prevent moisture, and freeze until needed. Candy pieces are uniform, plus hand rolling is eliminated which saves labor. See the following instructions to hand-filling Truffly Made silicone molds (moulds).  

Further increase your productivity with a table-top confectionery or Universal candy depositor or a full candy production line.

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